Art Galleries

Photo: Paul de Maria Art Gallery

Throughout the year Paul Demaria’s paintings are displayed in his own personal gallery, The Open Lake & Landscape Studio d’Arte which is situated in the charming and characteristic medieval town of Varenna on beautiful Lake Como. Demaria commits himself to the "plein-air" style of painting, much used by the early impressionist painters where subjects are always painted "on the spot" in their natural settings.

Art gallery offering pictures, sculptures, photographic art and other mediums. It is a gallery that arises outside of the formal elite, an exhibition space open to different artists regardless of reputation and not uninfluenced by the art market. "Our ambition is to bring art too young audiences,…

Photo: Bottega d’Arte

La Bottega D'Art was opened in 1972 by Mario Lombardi with the help of his sons Alessandro and Andrea who share the same passion. The business has expanded with the opening of three new stores in the center of Como, specializing in 19 and 20th century Italian paintings and becoming a…

Photo: Mr. Savethewall

Mr. Savethewall is Italy’s version of Banksy — a street artist who interprets themes and morals of contemporary society in a playful, polemical, ironic or irreverent style. Mr. Savethewall does not paint on walls but respects them by using cardboard, wrapping paper, wood , metal and recycled material temporarily "mounted" with four pieces…

Photo: Melesi Gallery

Opened in 1991, Galleria Melesi is a contemporary art gallery offering visual works of art, sculptures and artist jewels for art collectors. Located in the historic city center of Lecco in front of the baroque church of Santa Marta; really close to the railway station and the lake. Visit the website for current exhibitions and events.

Photo: Marsiglione Arts Gallery (MAG)

Art gallery close to the cathedral and a short walk to the lake, in the ancient area called "La Curtesella", appreciated by its…

In Griante, Martino Luculli, has dedicated the last 30 years to painting scenes of Lake Como in a unique naïve art style. Martino was a great friend of the internationally renown painter Enrico Vannuccini who also lived and worked in Griante. Martino’s art, usually already framed, can be purchased directly from him at the gallery for reasonable prices. You are likely to find a scene from the Lake that you may remember fondly. He even sells small paintings for anywhere from 5 to 20 Euro’s that you can easily transport back home. You can visit Martino’s Art Gallery inside Bar Vecchia Torre in Griante (many people know this local like Martino’s Bar, because Martino is the owner and the creator).

View an art exhibition of Lake Como paintings by Italian-American artist Jerry Fresia. Here you will see one of the best examples of contemporary Impressionist paintings created en plein air. The art gallery in Bellagio also organizes week-long painting holidays for small groups.

Photo: Lietti Roberta

Contemporary art gallery featuring Italian and international artists in a variety of media.

Photo: Theoria Gallery

Situated in the chic "I Tigli in Theoria" Restaurant is a gallery that displays exhibits from renown artists. Have a meal or drink and appreciate the original works of art on the wall and if you…

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