• Alessandro Manzoni Monument

Alessandro Manzoni Monument Lecco

Immediately after the death of Alessandro Manzoni on May 22, 1873, the City Council of Lecco met and approved a monument to the writer that had given so much prestige to the city. The committee, headed by Antonio Stoppani, collected donations for 40,000 lire. Francesco Confalonieri was to realize the monument (also contributed to by Giuseppe Verdi), which was inaugurated on 11 October 1891. On the pedestal there are four bronze bas-reliefs depicting three scenes from the historical novel The Betrothed: The abduction of Lucia, The death of Don Rodrigo, Marriage Promessi; and the coats of arms of Italy and Lecco.


Alessandro Manzoni Monument
Piazza Alessandro Manzoni, 16, Italy LC 23900