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Golf Club Monticello Cassina Rizzardi

With its two courses, Monticello Golf Club is the largest in Italy - the pride of Italian golf. Golf is not just a simple sport, it is the meeting and competing of man and nature. It is getting to know yourself and competing against yourself with absolute respect for the surrounding natural environment. Monticello Golf Club brings together the spirit of this grand old sport with the colourful paradise of vast green spaces on which more than 600 villa-apartments are located.

Red Course

A fascinating par 72 course, covering a distance of 6,410 metres, that has always been highly placed in the Italian Rankings. Designed by the American Jim Fazio and by Baldovino Dassù, it has undergone several restyling over time. The most noticeable of these was by Graham Cooke who transformed it into a modern, captivating course that satisfies the expectations of one of Italy’s most important circles.

Blue Course

A highly attractive parkland that operates alongside the historical Red course, but one that is in any way inferior. Although not a long course, it is technical and offers club players an opportunity of challenging themselves with different playing skills. This par 72 course (5,900 metres) features tees with delicate shots, fairways that have been carved into the woods and somewhat smaller greens that are well defended by bunkers.

Practice course

The large area is laid out to cater for all the different phases of play; the golf gym offers state-of-the-art equipment; along with the organisation of the Eagle Golf Academy, the ASD Monticello Golf Club described here, may rightly be seen, in Italy at least, as the University of Golf. So, it is not just mere chance that Matteo Manassero and his coach, A. Binaghi - a member of the Eagle –, use this venue for intense practice sessions.

Golf Club Monticello
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