Paragliding Tours near Santa Maria delle Grazie

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

Its origins go back to the Middle Ages of which only remains the gothic bell tower. The church stands in an isolated position, just below the village Aurogna. The view of  the northern end of the lake, where the rivers Mera and Adda flow into Lake Como, is splendid. Its origins go back to the Middle Ages of which…

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If you wish to fly and feel free like an eagle, soaring above Lake Como, this is your chance. It will be a unique adventure, and you’ll be able to admire from the sky one of the most beautiful lakes of Italy, surrounded by the…

Fly in tandem accompanied by a skillful and expert flying instructor with approved and tested equipment. This is an activity suitable for anyone at any age, looking for the sensation…

Photo: Flylibell Paragliding

Come fly with us. The closest paragliding school to Milan dipped in natural ambience in green Valsassina. Flylibell Paragliding School offers paragliding courses on…


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