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What is ExploreLakeComo.com

ExploreLakeComo.com is an innovative travel planning tool. Unlike other travel web sites, it works mostly with pictures, making travel planning fast and fun. Learn about mountain hikes, lakeside walks, picturesque villages, villas and gardens, museums, and churches. As you're exploring, you'll discover nearby things to do and places to stay, eat, and shop, and you can save and share places you like with friends and fellow travellers.

Explore by Category

ExploreLakeComo.com is organized into four main travel activities. Click a category to quickly discover and explore over 2000 travel ideas. Hover over the images to get a brief description, then click the Explore button to see more pictures and get detailed information.

Explore by Travel Ideas

We've also listed travel destinations by theme, like: Must Do, For Kids, Outlet Stores, Adventure, Day Trips, Rainy Day, Michelin Star Restaurants and many more to suit your individual interests and those you're traveling with. Need to balance a visit to a museum with an afternoon tree-top trekking with the kids? You've come to the right place! Click on the IDEAS icon to see all of our travel themes.

Explore by Searching

Key in a search word, like "Polenta" to see restaurants that might serve up this authentic Lake Como dish. Or try "bike rental" to find places that rent bikes. Looking for a particular attraction or hotel? Simply type in its name and you will find it.


Mobile Friendly

Explorelakecomo.com is fully mobile and tablet compatible, so don't forget to use your device when you're travelling around Lake Como. On a train, a bus, a boat or waiting around not sure what to do next, check us out on your phone or tablet.

Saving Your Selections

Want to like your favourite things to do and see? Or share your itinerary with friends and family? Explorelakecomo.com makes that easy by remembering what you clicked on and letting you "like" what you saw. Then simply manage your destinations and activities or save them for future viewing anywhere – at home, work or while you're on vacation.

Our Advertising

Don't you hate web sites that are crammed full of ads that make it hard to find what you're looking for? And isn't it even worse when those ads don't even relate to what you are reading? Well we do, and that is why our advertisers are exclusive to Lake Como and feature only travel related products and services that can make your trip to Lake Como better: like a restaurant, a hotel or B&B, a rental service, shopping, or attractions for your kids. So be sure to click on their ads and let them know you found them on our site.

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