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The Church Of The Ascension Griante

We are part of the Anglican Church, belonging to the Diocese in Europe but we welcome all visitors of the Christian faith to our services of Holy Communion. These are held every Sunday at 10.30 am from the beginning of May to the end of October. There are occasional services outside of the summer season which will be announced on the Services page.

Anglican Church of the Ascension Description

The church is run by a small group of residents and visiting priests, with the support of the Chaplain of All Saints, Milan. In addition to the weekly services, which attract visitors and holiday home owners from many countries, it hosts regular concerts, detailed on the Music and Diary pages.

The Church is also a popular choice among those seeking to have a wedding blessing service, renewal of marriage vows or baptisms - please visit our Wedding Blessings page for details on how you can celebrate your special day in the beautiful surroundings of our Church on the shores of the most beautiful of the Italian Lakes.

Wedding Blessings, Renewal of Marriage Vows and Baptisms

The Church welcomes English-speaking couples who wish to celebrate their wedding with a service of blessing or the renewal of their wedding vows.

Although the Church of England in Italy has no jurisdiction to marry people in Italy, couples are welcome to have their previously celebrated civil marriages blessed in the Church of the Ascension. The wedding blessing service is beautiful and full of meaning and should in no way be considered a compromise for those who wish to celebrate their union with their families and friends in the presence of God in a place of Christian worship.

Although most wedding blessings take place between May and October it may be possible to arrange a service during the winter months. Please note that it is also possible for Christians of other denominations, with the agreement of our priest in charge, to use the Church of the Ascension for their Blessing. It may also be possible for our locum priest to celebrate services in other local venues if you choose not to use the Church.

Couples are required to make their applications personally and not through a wedding planner, as contact with the church and the celebrant priest is essential. If you would like to know more, please contact Rev. Vickie Sims at allsaintspriest@hotmail.com for more information and the availability of dates.


The Church Of The Ascension
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