• Lake Como Motorbike
  • Lake Como Motorbike
  • Lake Como Motorbike
  • Lake Como Motorbike
  • Lake Como Motorbike
  • Lake Como Motorbike
  • Lake Como Motorbike

Lake Como Motorbike Como

Lake Como Motorbike is something unique, every detail planned in keeping with a philosophy of simplicity, elegance and warmth in hospitality. You will ride your motorbikes along roads which only the locals know, living this life for a week just as the real Italian bikers do.

Lake Como Motorbike was born from the love for Como of three good friends: Mauro, Valentina and Federica. Long before the creation of this project, two keywords have influenced their lives and decisions: simplicity and beauty. They understand and feel that in every part of the world, in every field of life, from art to food, design and literature, most often simplicity is synonymous with beauty.

So, they decided to share their resources and talents and create a new world class adventure which reflected their own loves and tastes. In this way, directing their sensitivity for all things of quality, simplicity and beauty, they have designed this holiday for you, the tourist and traveller who also recognises the good things in life and travel.

If you choose to ride Lake Como by motorbike, you have at least 7 advantages compares to all the other ways. That's why Lake Como Motorbike is so enjoyable.

  • 1. Just riding a bike you can really breath the soul of the lake. On every road, around every corner, you can really feel the taste of the lake.
  • 2. Just riding a bike you can smell every single flower and every single garden. The whole lake is surrounded by beautiful villas with botanic gardens and exquisite parks.
  • 3. Just riding a bike you can make the whole lap of the lake. If you are a good rider and your joy is having a bike between the legs, that's what you need: a Guzzi, a helmet and a day in front of you.
  • 4. Just riding a bike you can stop everywhere along the road. Do you need a swim? Leave the bike beside the road and jump in the water. Are you thirsty? That's a nice bar. Are you hungry? Mmmm...a pizza or something more?
  • 5. Just riding a bike you can observe things you couldn't see in another way. Up the hills, through narrow streets, in secret places, with a bike you can arrive everywhere.
  • 6. Just riding a bike you can be so lucky to meet George (obviously Clooney) along the road. We met him several times.
  • 7. Just riding a bike you are really, but really, free. The freedom a bike can give you has nothing similar in the world.

Lake Como Motorbike
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