Hiking Monte Bregagno Como


A spectacular balcony over Lake Como, this hike will reward you with some of the most breath taking views of the lake. Monte Bregagno can be reached by first going to the town of Breglia by car or by bus. From there you can hike to Rifugio Menaggio, and up to the top of Bregagno after passing the Chapel of S.Amate. Alternatively, you can make your way by car up to the town of Treccione. From there you can continue further by car up the mountain until the road ends and walk from there. This second route is a safer route in the winter. Bregagno in the winter or spring when there is snow is a wonderful route but it requires snow shoes and some winter mountaineering experience. There is a source of drinking water at Rifugio Menaggio, otherwise you’ll need to bring your own.

Hiking Information Mount Bregagno

Start From:Monti di Breglia
Start Elevation:996 m.
End Elevation:2107 m.
Elevation Gain:1111 m.
Rest Stop:Rifugio Menaggio 1383 m.
Ascent Time:3,5 hrs.
Total Time:5,5 hrs.
Trail Signs:red and white
Hiking Monte Bregagno