• Hiking Monte Grona
  • Hiking Monte Grona
  • Hiking Monte Grona
  • Hiking Monte Grona
  • Hiking Monte Grona

Hiking Monte Grona Plesio

Situated above the town of Menaggio; from Rifugio Menaggio you can reach the top of Monte Grona (1736 m) from where one can admire one of the best views of the Pre-Alps; if the day is clear enough, many peaks of the Alps from Monviso to Bernina. From where you also can admire a spectacular views on Lake Como, Lake Piano and Lake Lugano.

Starting from Breglia

From the bus stop at Breglia (749 m) cross the road and ascend the small road leading up to Monti di Breglia (sign indicating Rifugio Menaggio). At the second bend, just beyond the fountain, you find the first shortcut to the right (sign Monti di Breglia/Rifugio Menaggio). The steep trial ends up on the road again, which you cross to pick up the next shortcut. After 20m, at the high tension must turn right. The steep trail leads on the road once more, wich you follow for about 300m. Then you find the next shortcut to the left which leads across a field. Cross the road another time and follow the trail through the woods wich leads on the road at Monti di Breglia (996 m.)

After another 100 m you reach a picnic area with fountain and beautiful views; here you leave the road and follow the trail over some rocks up to the left (sign). Once on this trial you continue to follow the signs> You reach a open space used as parking area which you cross and then pick up the trial to the left. At the junction where you find the metal trail sign we reccomended the “Sentiero Alto" to the right because of the better view (after heavy snow fall we reccomended the “Sentiero Basso" to the left. It leads among birch trees and broom up to the junction for S.Amate and Monte Bregagno; at this junction you keep to the left. The now even trail leads along the slope and you soon reach the rifugio Menaggio.

From Rifugio Menaggio

From Rifugio Menaggio there are three different ways to get to the top of the Grona:

Via Normale

time: 1.30 hrs., ascent: 336m; the beginning of this trial (the easier) is behind the rifugio. It leads up to the “Forcoletta" and from there to the left a steep rocky trail leads to the top.

Via Direttissima

time:1.15 hrs.; ascent 336m; the beginning of this trial is behind the rifugio. The steep trail winds up the south face of the mountain. During the winter this trial, as it is exposed to the south, remains snow covered less time compared to the Via Normale on the north side of the mountain.

Via Ferrata

(Only for alpinists with adequate equipment) Time: 3 hrs. In order to reach the beginning of the Via Ferrata you follow part of the Via Panoramica.

Hiking Information

Start From:Breglia
Start Elevation:749 m.
End Elevation:1736 m.
Elevation Gain:987 m.
Rest Stop:Rifugio Menaggio 1383 m.
Ascent Time:3.30 hrs.
Total Time:6.30 hrs.
Difficulty: E (via normale)
EEA - AR - IV- - D- (via ferrata)
Trail Signs:red-white-red