Monuments near Monument to the Fallen

Located in a churchyard, this statue represents a man in the act of throwing a large stone. The monument reminds locals of a battle in Libya in which alpinists of Brienno fought. The battalion Morbegno, all composed of…

At the entrance to Laglio's cemetery is a curious pyramidal tomb containing the mortal remains of prestigious doctor Joseph Frank. Born in 1771 Frank was a student of physics and medicine in Pavia. He was a pupil of Alessandro Volta, of whom he became a great friend. He moved…

Located in Montepiatto, a village high above Torno with great hiking trails and equally fantastic views of the lake is the "Stone pendula", boulder resting on a pedestal. This boulder with its…

In the centre of the ancient village Palanzo, situated in the hills and part of the commune of Faggeto Lario, there is an enormous wine press of the 17th century. It is made to work during the annual feast called Sagra…


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