Climbing and Canyoning near Mount Resegone Via Ferrata

Photo: Mount Resegone Via Ferrata

An intermediate route taking place above the city of Lecco. Nice scenery, some nice surprises and a pleasant descent with cablecar! This is a sort of rock climb, secured all the way with a steel cable which runs along…

Note: Could not calculate driving distances for this card. Distances shown do not reflect actual driving route.

Photo: Val Boazza Canyoning

This canyon is located north of Lecco and it is quite long and technical. It has, however, many beautiful and fun passages that have to be visited. Minimum training and familiarity with the descents by ropes are required.…

Photo: Esino-Varenna Canyoning

A short and easy Canyon adventure but packs lots of fun. Ideal for those who want to try this activity but also for those who appreciate beautiful and unique environments. The water flow is always very quiet and at a…

Rock face overlooking a foot/bicycle path with stunning views of the lake. Total height is 200m with difficulty ranging from 4a/8a+. Follow the signs until you reach the…

Photo: Perlana Canyoning

Easy level canyoning located the valley between Ossuccio and Lenno (requires about 45 minutes of approach). The most distinctive feature of this canyon is the transition in a completely dark cave, various dips and a…


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