Towns near La Colombetta

Photo: La Colombetta

In this romantic accent, the restaurant offers everyday typical gourmet Italian cuisine. All dishes derive from family tradition or from recipes passed down by older generations which are have been located all throughout the Country. The Restaurant "La Colombetta" has a maximum capacity of 80…

Como is Lake Como's largest city where you will find shopping, works of art, churches, gardens, museums, theatres, parks and palaces. Places to go inlcude the Duomo, the Basilica of Sant'Abbondio, Villa Olmo, the Volta Temple and Museum, the Teatro Sociale, and the Broletto…

Blevio is the first town you come to on the eastern shore of the lake when coming from Como. From the centre of town spectacular panoramas greet visitors. Home to several private…

Because of its favourable geographical position, Cernobbio was chosen as an ideal location to build palaces and elegant villas such as Villa Pizzo and the famous Villa d’Este, one of the most elegant and famous hotels in the world. From the town there are several paths leading to the mountains and hills…

The town overlooks Como, some 500 metres below linked by a steep, narrow, winding road, and by the Como-Brunate funicular. The highlight of the trek is the lighthouse dedicated to Allesandro Volta who lived in Brunate for a…

Great example of a medieval village with many preserved architectural elements that can be experienced on foot without the bustle of vehicle traffic. Of particular interest is the parish church St. Tecla and Villa Pliniana.

Moltrasio is located on the west shore in the first basin of Lake Como. Famous for its villas, houses, personalities and gardens (see for example, Villa Fontanelle,…


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