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  • Torre di Fontanedo
  • Torre di Fontanedo
  • Torre di Fontanedo

Torre di Fontanedo Colico

It is thought the tower was built at the behest of Fontanedo Bernabo Visconti in 1357, on the defensive line of Upper Lake, but perhaps it was only enhanced an existing structure. It is located about 700 meters downstream of the village of Fontanedo, on a dominant point of the spur that descends from the north slope of Mount Legnone. It was built to protect the territory from the incursions and protect the important road of "Scalottola", now known as the "Path of the Wanderer", which goes to the base of the spur, in locations Robustello.

Torre di Fontanedo: Description

La Torre kept its strategic importance in the following centuries, when it was extended and incorporated to the defensive system of Fort Fuentes, becoming the work accessory higher: the type of masonry it confema dating seventeenth century. Remarkable is the garrison that judging by the size of the buildings housed troops, and included warehouses and stables.

The Tower has a footprint nearly 7.5 square meters per side and has typical structure of medieval defensive buildings (eg. Torri di Mello, Chiuro, Teglio), built with large blocks of stone, has no openings on the ground floor to prevent 'entrance to the attackers. Along the mighty walls are numerous slits defensive. The door itself was located on the first floor and was accessible only by a wooden staircase that could be withdrawn if necessary. The internal structure of the building was also made of wood: remains visible along the inside perimeter walls of the shelf on which rested the flooring.

The fortified town was connected to the village of Colico Fontanedo and by a network of trails. And village roads are still fairly preserved, and form with the Tower a set of great beauty. From Santella, still visible near the Tower, was detached a fresco depicting the Madonna and Child, probably of the century. XV; is now preserved in the church of Curcio, parish that owns the tower.

From the plateau in front of you can enjoy a sweeping view of the plain of Colico and the entire upper lake that amply repays the climb.

Torre di Fontanedo
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