• Ristorante Toscana
  • Ristorante Toscana
  • Ristorante Toscana
  • Ristorante Toscana

Ristorante Toscana Lecco

The cuisine, tipically Tuscan, is rich in variety and choice from delicious appetizers pasta specialties, charcoaled steaks to delicately cooked fresh fish and a vast assortment of dessert. The house specialties include: Tuscan ham with grilled garlic bread, linguine with lobster, spaghetti with seafood sauce, sliced steak with rucola and dory fish cooked in a Mediterranean style. The restaurant Toscano Belvedere owes its reputation not only to the high quality of its cuisine but also to its setting in the Adda park. The spectacular view of the San Michele Bridge, the tallest single arched bridge in Europe, and its spacious and elegant dining rooms (seating 400) makes the restaurant an ideal setting for either a simple lunch date or for a very special wedding reception or large business meetings.


Ristorante Toscana
via Cappelleria, 1, Italy LC 23899
039 510041