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Photo: Garden in the Valley

Garden consisting of reclaimed land that had previously been a garbage dump. The project began in the 1980s and was the genius idea of Mrs. Pupa Frati (affectionately known as Grandma Pupa). The Association of the "Garden in the Valley" is a non-profit, non-denominational, apolitical group who’s sole and…

The Kilometer of Knowledge (Chilometro della Conoscenza) is a path on the western shore of Lake Como - a kilometer long - that starts from Villa Olmo, crosses a bridge through the…

Photo: Geobia

Inside Como’s walled city are many pedestrian friendly squares. Explore Piazza Fedele’s cafes or restaurants in an ambiance that is a bit more quiet than the Piazza Duomo.

Located above the village of Cernobbio, it is the starting point of the famous route known as "Via dei Monti Lariani", a hiking and cycling trail of 125 km on the mountains of the western shore of…

Montepiatto is a small settlement of houses scattered in the mountains above Torno. After a windy path a several steep staircases, you'll be…

The whole territory of the Larian Triangle and, in particular, its westernmost end, is characterized by the abundant presence of so-called "erratics" or "boulders" left behind by glaciers. Those found in Torno and…


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