Museums near Il Barettino

Photo: Il Barettino

Located in Pian delle Betulle, Comune di Margno, in Alta Valsassina is a bar and restaurant that offers traditional mountain fare. In summer you can also buy genuine locally produced butter and cheese. Prices are reasonable. The restaurant has 30 indoor…

Photo: Parco Minerario

Visit a century old mine and see the techniques employed to extract barite an important mineral used to refine sugar, in rubber, coated papers, pigments, glues, plastics and in protective materials against radiation. The material comes out the…

A guided tour that tells the story of the radio that will provide insight and memories from the olden days before flat screen TVs and the Internet.

Photo: Civic Museum of Ornithology and Natural Sciences

The "Luigi Scanagatta" museum is of cultural and historical importance because of the number of birds specimens that was gathered throughout the years and its history. It was established in 1962 by professor Luigi Scanagatta, a well known ornithologist, botanist and malacologist and in short time the…

Photo: Mauro Cassina

In addition to its lavish gardens and picturesque position on the lake, Villa Monastero is also a house museum where a vast number of objects belonging to its several owners are displayed.

Photo: Torre delle Arti Bellagio

Gallery space that promotes various forms of art to ordinary people, trying to combine accessibility and quality, local and universal dimension, past and present. If we want people to love culture we have to give them a reason to love it.   During the year, various artistic events will follow such as exhibitions by local, national and…

Contains a collection of natural history (fossils, minerals, dioramas of animals and a butterfly collection), archaeological and ethno-anthropological material with a reconstruction…

A museum that aims to preserve and offer an account of country life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, documented by artifacts and various objects. The museum is located on two floors: the first one…


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