Theme Parks near L'innominato

Photo: L'innominato

The B & B "L'innominato is a family-run hotel located on the first floor of a house earth / sky in a very quiet area of Calolziocorte a 15-minute walk from the station, the center and the lake.…

In 1962 Count Mario Bagno desired to build a "Las Vegas" in Lake Como. The ambitious project included the construction of many buildings, a shopping center, a Chinese pagoda, a dance hall, luxury hotel and even a race track. In 1976, unfortunately, or fortunately, a landslide blocked all access to the area that was…

An extraordinary experience for the whole family. Through a variety of skills courses you will be suspended between trees, walk on wooden walkways, rope bridges, suspended logs, and ziplines. Experience courage, self…

Photo: Jungle Raider Park Xtreme

To get your fill of adrenaline, to satisfy the desire to explore, to demonstrate your courage there‚Äôs an extreme adventure park for you: Jungle Raider Park Xtreme. Set…


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