• Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
  • Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
  • Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
  • Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
  • Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
  • Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
  • Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)

Jungle Raider Park (Civenna) Civenna

Deep in a conifer patch on a plateau that overlooks Lake Como near Bellagio is Jungle Raider Park Civenna. Activities include tree-top trekking, zip-lining, mountain biking, canyoning, laser tag and cave exploration.

Tree-Top Trekking

The park is made up of five paths with different difficulty levels. The difficulty is based on the height of the trees and by the type of obstacles that connect one tree to the next. After being equipped with harness and helmet, under our staff supervision, you will be brought to the Briefing area, where you will be given a demo and where you can get comfortable with our four demo walkways. Now you’re ready for some adventure! You will then perform the walkways on your own, supervised by our instructors from underneath.

Mountain Bike and Bike Park

At our Civenna Park you can rent mountain bikes. The amazing surroundings are ideal for great bike rides. There are 4 bike paths that range from 2 to 30 kilometers, all marked by arrows. You can also book a guide to accompany you through hidden paths and will show you the most spectacular spots in the area. BY RESERVATION ONLY


This activity takes place in the summer in the torrents of Acquaduro (Introbio, Valsassina) or Bodengo (Valchiavenna). The whole activity lasts half a day (morning or afternoon). Each guide can manage groups of minimum 5 to maximum 10 people. Based on available material and space, we can handle maximum 2 groups (with two guides) for a total of 20 people. Groups will go in turns. You will be equipped with: double neoprene wetsuit, neoprene boots, helmet, harness, carabiners, ropes and descender. You must wear a bathing suit and hiking boots. BY RESERVATION ONLY – Price : € 60 / person

Softair with Lasertag

Based on infrared rays, the Lasertag is completely harmless and definitely environment friendly. Directly inspired by the MILES system used in army training, this is a way to play WARGAMES.

LASERTAG is the game version of the combat simulation systems used by different armies, first of all the U.S. Marines. Just like in real military action you engage your opponent at considerable distance. Realism and accuracy of shooting beyond 150 meters. Experience the shooting, test your aiming ability , change your movement tactics, but be careful because a sniper on the hill might hit you! A small, fully automatic computer operates all functions of the game. Automatic marking of shots keeps tally of the score and records all hits to avoid any discussion. Players are immediately eliminated from the game and weapons are deactivated when the player has exhausted all life points. just has exhausted his/her life points. Challenge your friends by creating teams that will contend for a flag or for a territory …. We are the only ones able to provide game equipment complete with next-generation wireless system with sensors integrated into an American fritz helmet. Anyone can approach this wonderful experience and play wargames with the lasertag system. Completely harmless and environmentally friendly, LASERTAG does not require any kind of protection for the body or face. You can organize tournaments for a group of friends, for birthdays or for corporate events. BY RESERVATION ONLY – Price: € 35 / person (min. 10 pers)


Caves, grottos, chasms, depths, holes….; also know as laca, tamba, omber, caia, bus in the various italian dialects…one word to describe that which does not exist, a hollow in the mountains. Something that for us spelunkers are simply caves. This mysterious world, that has always attracted and frightened man, is our playing field. With the Spelunking guides that collaborate with Jungle Raider Park you will find yourself completely immersed in the mountains, you will discover a unique experience. You will spelunk in total safety through spectacular formations: stalagtites, stalagmites, pisolites, eccentric aragonites. We will have the chance of encountering water courses, underground lakes, galleries and perfectly shaped halls that almost look like they were dug out by man. With the help of ropes we will climb down drops until we reach depths that are forbidden to man. Our itineraries range from simple horizontal caves for adults, children and schools, to vertical caves where the use of ropes and proper equipment is necessary. Our packages target single persons, families, schools, companies and are meant to inspire and actively involve. We organize multi-day excursions throughout Italy and islands and more. BY RESERVATION ONLY – Guide price: € 300 (max 6 persons)

Jungle Raider Park (Civenna)
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