Towns near La Spiaggia

Photo: La Spiaggia

La Spiaggia is situated in front of the lake in Oliveto Lario, a village along the coast road leading from Lecco to Bellagio,…

Located in the gulf of Lecco, edged by the Prealps, Grigna, Grignone, Mount Barro, Corni di Canzo…

The town is situated in a panoramic position in front of Lecco, before the construction of the bridge Azzone Visconti was connected to…

Known as the Pearl of the lake due to its position on the tip of a peninsula, Bellagio is characterized by porticos, cobbled stepped streets, narrow alleyways, and shops selling local handicrafts, and the numerous bars and restaurants it is by far one of the…

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, it is famous for being the location of Moto Guzzi, the well known manufacturer of Italian motorcycles. But it also boasts great scenic…


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