Monuments near Rifugio Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi

A series of modern frescoes (2007) painted on houses in the town of Taceno that endeavour to preserve traditions, legends and history of craftsmanship and commercial work. Unlike their counterparts in…

Parlasco is one of the smallest Italian towns located in the Regional Park of the Northern Grigna in Valsassina. It is on the main road connecting Lake Lecco to Valsassina and joins Alpe Cainallo with Cortenova. Myth and reality are perfectly mixed on colourful frescoes featured on town houses that tell the story…

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

Three tombs belonging to the aristocratic Andreani Family located outside the Church of St Thomas of Beckett and a castle belonging to the same family. The monuments, know as "arks" are important evidence of Lombardy sculpture that were erected between 1325 and 1371. The oldest, to the right of…

Monument dedicated to the weaver of Francesco Somaini, where on the banks of the river Senagra, had one of its oldest and most prestigious silk factories. In the marble top is a negative image of a weaver, while below is…


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