Castles & Ruins near San Martino

Fifteenth century renovation of an older church. lt has a fourteenth century bell tower with a spire, and contains a silver-gilt processional cross dated 1489 by the artist from Gravedona F. Ser Gregori.

Trapezoidal shaped castle with three towers built by counts Della Torre of Rezzonico in 1363. It is described as a "castle-fence", fortifying an area of two thousand square meters which surrounded the town and the main tower. Today the castle is characterized by the medieval tower with crowning battlements.

Photo: Fort Montecchio-Lusardi

Fort Montecchio-Lusardi is a military fort situated in Colico, in the province of Lecco, northern Italy. It was built between 1911 and 1914. It is the only Italian fort from World War I which has been preserved intact with its original weapons. The main function of the fort was to control…

It is thought the tower was built at the behest of Fontanedo Bernabo Visconti in 1357, on the defensive line of Upper Lake, but perhaps it was only enhanced an existing structure. It is located about 700 meters downstream of the village of Fontanedo, on a dominant point of the spur that descends from the north slope of Mount Legnone. It was built to protect the territory from the incursions and protect the important road of "Scalottola", now known as the…


It is a private building constructed on roman foundation with an irregular square plant. The building, which has crown walls with battlements to protect the round parapet, can be dated between 1360 and 1370. It is a…

Photo: Lago di Como (Lake Como)

Placed on a hill overlooking the town, the castle was built in late Middle Ages to block the way to Valvarrone and it still remains a well-preserved tower, surrounded by ruins of ancient houses.…


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