Monuments near Carogio

Photo: Carogio

CarogiĆ² scarves originate from the idea of combining a soft and fine fibre such as cashmere with a colourful blending of…

In 1931, Giuseppe Terragni and his brother were asked by the fascists to design a monument for the victims of World War I. Their design was based on a sketch of the Italian futurist Antonio Sant'Elia, whose sketches showed modernity, dynamics and speed. Most of his designs were never built, but his futurist vision…

The Volta Lighthouse stands on a hill in San Maurizio, 150 metres above Brunate. From Brunate you can follow a walking path up to the lighthouse and it takes less than 30…

At the entrance to Laglio's cemetery is a curious pyramidal tomb containing the mortal remains of prestigious doctor Joseph Frank. Born in 1771 Frank was a student of physics and medicine in Pavia. He was a pupil of Alessandro Volta, of whom he became a great friend. He moved…


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